2022-2023 Mortgage Brokering Sector Supervision Focus

The focus for 2022-23 is to ensure mortgage brokers and agents protect their clients and keep their interests in mind by:

  • reviewing private mortgage brokering
  • reviewing the conduct culture and compliance structure at large mortgage brokerages
  • conducting compliance reviews in scenarios where financially vulnerable consumers may be more prone to misconduct or abuse

These actions will help FSRA ensure that consumers receive suitable mortgage products and investment recommendations that are easy to understand and meet their needs.

FSRA expects principal brokers, brokers, agents and administrators to review the 2022-2023 supervision plan. They should also review other FSRA publications for more on their licensing requirements and obligations.

2021-2022 Mortgage Brokering Sector Supervision Findings

Previous supervision plans:

FSRA protects consumers in the mortgage brokering sector by overseeing the conduct of over 15,000 licensed agents, brokers, brokerages and administrators.

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