Stakeholder Advisory Committee

This Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) advises the Board on FSRA’s priorities and budget, and other matters the Board deems appropriate, as they relate to the Pensions sector. It is an important part of FSRA’s stakeholder engagement process in the Pensions sector. 

Retiree Advisory Panel

Retiree input is integral to our decision-making process. Our Retiree Advisory Panel acts as an advisory body to FSRA, providing external input and personal experience from the retiree perspective.

Standing Technical Advisory Committees

FSRA issued a call for membership for four new Pensions Technical Advisory Committees in October 2019, to provide advice and feedback on key matters related to the pension sector.

Technical Advisory Committees

Technical advisory groups and committees provide advice, input and feedback to FSRA management on matters related to the Rules of Practice and Procedure, Filing Requirements, Guidelines, operational policies and other matters.

Consumer Advisory Panel

FSRA’s Consumer Advisory Panel provides a consumer perspective to help inform FSRA’s work. Working closely with our Consumer Office and executive team, the Panel advises FSRA on proposed policy changes and related activities, including consumer-based research, policy support and consumer outreach. It helps to ensure that the perspectives of consumers (including pension beneficiaries, credit union members and the general public) inform our direction and decisions, a key priority for FSRA. 

Visit the Panel’s webpage to find more information about its activities, membership and Terms of Reference.