In order to become a licensed agent of life or accident and sickness insurance in Ontario, you must:

Once you have met all of the requirements, your sponsoring insurance company can apply for a licence on your behalf using Licensing Link.

About the LLQP course

To support insurance agent candidates during the COVID-19 pandemic, FSRA has approved online delivery of licensing exams and extended the validity period of Life Licence Qualification Program (LLQP) exam results for certain candidates. 

You can find more information by visiting: Insurance agent licensing exams available online

The LLQP course is a prerequisite to the LLQP exam, and must be administered through an approved course provider. It is available in English and French, with fees set by the individual course providers.

While all course providers cover the same curriculum, they may offer instruction in different formats including classroom learning, correspondence, or online learning. Course duration is approximately 100 hours, although completion time may vary widely from student to student.

Approved course providers

Does your company want to become an approved LLQP course provider?

About the LLQP exam

The LLQP exam is comprised of four modules that cove the curriculum outlined in the qualifying course. It is administered by Durham College. In order to take the exam you must present a certificate of completion of the LLQP course. (Note: These certificates are valid for only one year after passing your exam. If you fail to pass the exam within a year, you will need to redo the qualifying course.)

The cost of the exam is $264, which allows for one attempt at all 4 exam modules. If you fail, separate fees will be charged for subsequent rewrites.

LLQP exam re-write policy

Before obtaining your licence you will need to pass all four modules of the LLQP exam.

  • If you fail any of the modules, rewrite are available, with the following conditions:
  • If you fail the same module three times, you will need to wait three months before your next rewrite
  • If you fail a fourth time, you wall need to wait an additional three months before your next rewrite
  • If you fail a fifth time, you will need to wait six months before your next rewrite, and six more months for each subsequent rewrite, if any are required

Please note that waiting periods apply only to individual exam modules, not the entire exam.