In 2022, FSRA took action against health service providers who have not filed their Annual Information Return and paid their licensing fee. Although the regulator informed these individuals about potential enforcement action and followed up with them multiple times, they failed to comply with the law and now 169 HSP licences are being revoked and 59 are being suspended.

Visit FSRA’s public registry for the most up-to-date information on service providers’ licence status and conditions.



Health service provider licences revoked

Organization Licence Number
Carol Hawkins SP10031
Karen Brenda Harrington SP10069
Gary Bovine SP10074
Independent Rehabilitation Services Inc. SP10191
William G Wilcox SP10296
Bridge Physiotherapy & Fitness SP12051
Arc Health Management Inc. SP12120
Bryan Sher Chiropractic Professional Corporation SP12202
Barry Embree SP12312
Paul Marando SP12346
Holowka Chiropractic Professional Corporation SP12629
Jane Cheung SP12668
Cindy Galbraith & Associates Inc. SP12671
9739734 Canada Incorporated SP12780
Rossy Psychology Professional Corporation SP13050
Filosofi Health Management Corporation SP13327
Pamela Manning SP13467
Kinetics Medical And Rehabilitation Clinic Inc. SP13511
Vista Centre Brain Injury Services SP13632
Darrin Mark Davidson SP13759
John Eric Peever  SP13779
Donovon Fitz-Ritson SP13797
Amanda Bolen SP13812
8418055 Canada Inc SP13931
Cambridge Medical Assessments Inc SP13935
Caledon Counselling and Assessment Centre Inc. SP14063
Malgorzata Kaczanowska SP14179
8875243 Canada Corp SP14244
2421088 Ontario Inc. SP14326
Breeyn Wharram SP14379
Golden Phoenix Natural Health Inc. SP14404
7030959 Canada Inc. SP14528
OmSai Physiotherapy Clinic (Etobicoke) Inc. SP14557
Michaels, Third Physiotherapy Professional Corporation SP14569
Jerzy-Marek Celinski SP14573
BMSI Centre For Optimal Health Inc. SP14647
Pulikunnel Social Work Profession Corporation SP14689
2222311 Ontario Inc. SP14731
876915 Ontario Inc. SP14780
Ropha's Body Balance Centre Inc. SP14792
Medic8 Corporation SP14841
Laura Parent SP14845
Nina Rosentsveig SP14869
Cheryl Ann Kirkness SP14936
MB Health Brampton Incorporated SP14946
MB Health RH Inc. SP14948
McCallum Chiropractic Professional Corporation SP14959
Activ8 Wellness Studio Inc. SP15117
JP Rehabilitation Services Inc. SP15129
Alpha Health Care Resources Ltd SP15152
Chinese Traditional Medicine Ltd SP15176
Jeremy Brown SP15200
Isaac Levy SP15254
Dr. R. Surapaneni Medicine Professional Corporation SP15277
Thomas George Jessiman SP15334
Dr. V. Sondhi Chiropractic Professional Corporation SP15337
Qingli Guo SP15358
Erin Arsenault SP15364
Rainbow Assessment Rehabilitation Inc. SP15393
Spinetech Corp. SP15440
Kavita Beharrylal SP15444
Serenity Massage And Wellness Inc. SP15480
2426735 Ontario Inc. SP15492
Neuchev Osteopathy Health Clinic Inc. SP15539
James Kim Teymur Mamedov SP15559
Zheng Yang SP15582
Vomedika Health Services Inc SP15603
Carefree Health Care Inc. SP15605
Xia's Herbal And Massage Health Centre Inc. SP15616
Emilia M. Bozzo SP15619
Michael Faklan SP15646
Hugo Stevenson SP15660
Minh Nguyen Thang Dinh SP15662
2414371 Ontario Inc. SP15709
Silvia Kwon And Kirk Adam Furlong SP15766
Bruce Litt SP15773
John Frank Varga SP15792
Allevio Clinic #1 Toronto Inc. SP15800
Ahmad J. Rostayee Chiropractic Professional Corporation SP15871
Nicole Kunkel SP15893
7502877 Canada Inc. SP15925
Peter Smyth SP15934
Scott Kent McGregor SP15956
Holistic Health Wellness & Optic Inc SP15975
My Health Rehab Center Inc. SP16013
Michael Newbigging SP16041
Back In Motion Rehab And Wellness Centre Inc. SP16042
Cloud Rehab Wellness Corp SP16067
Tracey Hehn-Zwicker SP16112
2381492 Ontario Inc. SP16132
Humber Bay Physio Inc SP16141
Living Spring Health Care Inc SP16164
2251654 Ontario Inc SP16171
Ian Anderson SP16212
Oswald Manning SP16299
Riverstone Rehab Inc SP16320
John Rees Lewis SP16345
Jody Scarborough SP16350
Paul Greco SP16371
2484197 Ontario Limited SP16452
2491196 Ontario Inc. SP16566
1876909 Ontario Inc. SP16583
Bioventus Canada ULC SP16627
Nancy Joan West SP16636
Jiacheng Zhou SP16714
Natalia Tosti SP16735
Prestige Total Rehab of Cambridge Inc SP16761
DRCH Corporation SP16776
10351644 Canada Inc. SP16834
Mark Charles Mitchell SP16868
The Sinai Trust SP16881
2495360 Ontario Inc. SP16888
Alana Tappin SP16890
This Is Healthful Inc. SP16957
Zachary Christopher Mullin Semeniuk SP16960
Emily Anna Simpson SP16965
9113541 Canada Inc SP16975
Canadian Chiropractic Walkin And Physiotherapy Clinic Inc SP16985
1846699 Ontario Inc. SP16997
2354210 Ontario Inc. SP17028
2603749 Ontario Inc. SP17064
Marcia Victoria Richards SP17090
1945119 Ontario Corp. SP17097
2593886 Ontario Inc. SP17127
Medway Healthcare Inc SP17144
High Performance Rehabilitation Center Inc. SP17148
Trinova Wellness Centre Inc SP17161
The Health Institute Inc. SP17164
9194860 Canada Corp. SP17165
10814270 Canada Inc SP17171
Cleveland Clinic Canada-Toronto Inc. SP17178
Elite Rehab and Wellness Centre Ltd. SP17185
2516163 Ontario Inc SP17188
Brittany Rachael Dumoulin SP17200
Yi Xu Zhang SP17272
2643662 Ontario Inc. SP17276
Rehana Sultana SP17281
Reliance Health Care Services Inc. SP17284
Five Senses Wellness Clinic Inc SP17298
Kanwaljit Dhillon SP17302
5001233 Ontario Inc. SP17344
Galtview Physiotherapy, Health and Wellness Inc SP17345
Riverside Physical Therapy Incorporated SP17347
2606911 Ontario Ltd. SP17362
Mayer Health Services Inc. SP17364
1834850 Ontario Ltd SP17433
Therapia Health Management Inc. SP17468
Solace Health Network Inc. SP17481
GTA Healthcare Management Inc (Ii) SP17487
TPC-PCC Physio-Chiro SP17499
Gillian Gish SP17535
Physiomotiv Inc. SP17541
11334867 Canada Corp. SP17552
Heather Stiles SP17558
Pro Evolution Wellness Inc. SP17564
Bridging Physical Therapy Services Inc. SP17617
Ottawa Home Care Inc. SP17637
5015382 Ontario Inc. SP17643
Kintx Wellness and Rehabilitation SP17673
Immacucare Healthcare Services Inc. SP17692
1999743 Ontario Inc. SP17713
Maple Physiotherapy Inc SP17842
Ronald Fuller SP12478
John Wellman SP12909
1143910 Ontario Limited SP14268
Michelle Blain SP16022
Derry Wellness Centre Inc. SP16239
1704704 Ontario Corporation SP12628
Heather McLean SP12809

Health service provider licences suspended

Organization Licence Number
1703761 Ontario Inc. SP17754
Simi Saggu SP10325
1869427 Ontario Inc. SP12659
Pleasant View Family Health Centre Corporation SP13046
Gold Standard Health Corporation SP14369
Dr Tara Dhanasar Chiropractic Professional Corporation SP15286
2223906 Ontario Inc. SP16140
R. David Chisholm Optometry Professional Corporation SP16568
1543976 Ontario Inc. SP17329
Nathalie Zalzal SP17489
Drs Cynthia And Louis Bahoshy Optometry Professional Corporation SP17500
CareValley Wellness Centre Ltd. SP17521
Wisdom Clinics Limited SP17545
2535030 Ontario Inc. SP17264
9402705 Canada Inc SP17945
Xtreme Medical & Orthotics Inc SP17987
Oshawa Rehab Center Inc. SP18018
New Age Recovery Rehabilitation Services Inc. SP12077
Jeff Scott Physiotherapy Professional Corporation SP12875
2397780 Ontario Limited SP13057
Kang-Ming Cheung Physiotherapy Professional Corporation SP13351
Sean McNulty SP13605
Dr. Donna Sykes SP14973
1709552 Ontario Inc. SP15161
Patricia Berendsen SP15439
Jennifer Mara Jarnevic SP15630
York Multi Clinic Inc SP16090
2492443 Ontario Inc. SP16133
Vivian Dim Occupational Therapy Professional Corporation SP16183
Umoja Guidance Inc. SP16265
Vitality Health & Wellness Clinic Inc. SP16507
Better Call Doc Inc. SP17338
2683173 Ontario Incorporated SP17511
Mattney Enterprises Corp. SP17561
2388743 Ontaro Inc. SP17671
hp counselling and consultation inc. SP17716
New Leaf Rehab SP17717
Canadian Acid-Base Balance and Direct Detoxification System Wellness Centre Inc. SP16990
2577621 Ontario Ltd SP17105
Olivia Wiebe SP17224
5031630 Ontario Limited SP17933
Bodyworx Health Group Inc. SP10241
Song's Natural Health Clinic Inc. SP14248
2286989 Ontario Inc. SP14442
2168131 Ontario Ltd. SP14503
Health Plus Rehabilitation, Wellness, and Sports Centre Inc. SP14848
1132460 Ontario Limited SP15604
Dr. David Kaufman SP15771
2440039 Ontario Ltd. SP15841
Vince Pacifici SP15850
Brittany Layne McDonald-Stanton SP15933
Kevin Pritchard SP16250
Essa Egal SP16277
Jong Chul Kim SP16459
N.K.S Pharmacy Limited SP16762
Thornhill Active Rehab Inc. SP17394
Teodora Brandabur Dainna Madsen-White SP17485
Top Up Physio Inc. SP17633
Jasfe Barao Llapitan Gina Concepcio SP17636

2021 Health Service Provider Licences Revoked