There are two courses of action you can take if you believe your insurance company has violated Ontario’s Insurance Act and/or regulations.

1. File a complaint with your insurance company’s Ombuds service (before filing a complaint with FSRA)

Follow these steps to file a complaint through your insurance company’s Ombuds service:

Step 1: Find your insurance company's complaint officer

Step 2: Request a Ombuds service referral letter 

Ask the complaint officer to provide a letter stating the company's final position on your case. Ask also for the name and details of the independent Ombuds service that may review your complaint.

Step 3. Write to the independent Ombuds service you are referred to

Describe your complaint and the reason you disagree with your insurance company's position. Remember to include the letter you received from your insurance company's complaint officer, along with all related documentation.

If you have a lawyer, you may also wish to include a letter written by them. If you are writing a letter on the behalf of a claimant, remember to include a signed authorizing letter. If an authorization letter is not available, explain why, in writing.

Step 4: Wait for resolution

Once your letters and supporting documentation have been received, the Ombuds service will assign a complaints officer to review your case. Once they have made their review, you will receive a response outlining the results.

2. File a complaint with FSRA  

If you would like to continue to pursue your complaint with FSRA, use the form below to submit your complaint:

File a complaint

Ombuds services

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