If you are receiving treatment following an auto accident, and would like to file a complaint about billing practices or professional misconduct by a service provider, or against your insurance company, follow the instructions below.

Complaints about billing practices

  1. Confirm whether or not your service provider is licensed by FSRA. Search our registry of licensed providers now
  2. If your service provider is not licensed by FSRA, and you suspect they may be fraudulently seeking payment directly from an insurance company for your claim, submit a tip for investigation.
  3. If you are receiving treatment and have a complaint about the conduct of your insurance company, you should first try to resolve the matter directly with them.

Complaints about professional misconduct

NOTE: Professional misconduct relate to the quality or appropriateness of treatments you have received.

  1. Try to resolve the complaint directly with the service provider 
  2. If you are unable to resolve your complaint directly, visit the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council (HPRAC) to find your service provider’s regulatory college or association, and inquire about how to proceed

Complaints about your insurance company