In order to obtain your licence in Ontario, you must be sponsored by an Insurer in the province. Once you have met all the criteria outlined below, they will need to submit an application on your behalf using Licensing Link.

The steps you must follow are:

  1. Obtain sponsorship from a licensed insurer
  2. Familiarize yourself with Ontario’s licensing laws
  3. Take an approved course and pass an exam. (Outlined below)
  4. Meet all licensing requirements
  5. Provide an Ontario mailing address that can receive registered mail (not a PO box)
  6. Complete a General Insurance Agent application, provide all supporting documents, and pay a fee of $150.00
  7. Be of good character and reputation

Once you have obtained your licence, you must also agree to abide by the following:

  • Operate as a general insurance agent using the legal name under which you are licensed
  • Refrain from any other business or occupation that could jeopardize your integrity, independence or competence

Course / exam requirements

To support insurance agent candidates during the COVID-19 pandemic, FSRA has approved online delivery of licensing exams. You can find more information by visiting: Insurance agent licensing exams available online

Before applying for your licence, you must successfully pass a qualifying exam. Exam results are valid for one year and must be forwarded to FSRA along with your application.

Exams are coordinated through the Insurance Institute of Ontario.


You may be exempt from these educational requirements if you have already completed or obtained a Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation, or passed the equivalent RIBO exam.

Insurer sponsorship

Your sponsoring company is responsible for investigating your record and confirming that you:

  1. Are a person of good character and reputation
  2. Have completed the appropriate education
  3. Have met all licensing requirements
  4. Comply with all legal licensing requirements

Failure to adhere or qualify for all the above may result in your sponsorship being revoked.

Licensing Link

Once you have met all the criteria outlined above, your employer will submit your application through Licensing Link, our online application system.

Other actions on Licensing Link

In addition to submitting an application, Licensing Link allows you to renew your licence, update your contact information, search agents and companies, and more.

Renewals - Insurance agent licenses must be renewed every two years, within 60 days of the expiry date of a current licence. Applicants who have been unlicensed for two or more years will need to reapply as a new agent. This includes completing course and exam requirements.

Change your address - Insurance agents are required to have a mailing address in Ontario. Changes can be made at any time.

Terminate a sponsorship - Termination of sponsorship will suspend an agent’s licence, and prohibit them from acting as an agent. Terminations of sponsored individuals can be made by the sponsoring company free of charge.

Transfer sponsorship - Replace your sponsoring insurer 24/7. Transfer of sponsorship can be made by the new sponsoring company free of charge.

Payments - Licensing Link accepts credit card or prepayment. For prepayment, please use our Insurance Company Prepayment Deposit Authorization Form.

Certificate of Authority - Submit a written request to obtain a Certificate of Authority. If a third party is making the request, they must also include a letter of agent authorization. The fee for a Certificate of Authority is $25.00, payable to Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario or FSRA.

Name change - Name changes must include applicable documentation, i.e. a copy of a birth or marriage certificate. There is no fee for a name change.

Note about payments by cheque or money order: Please note that the deposit of a cheque or money order does not mean the applicant has been licensed or approved. You must wait for FSRA to approve your application. FSRA may charge a $35.00 fee for cheques returned for non-sufficient funds.

Out-of-province applicants

A person who is licensed in a Canadian province or territory outside Ontario would need to successfully complete an exam on Ontario automobile insurance. RIBO offers this exam.

To apply for this exam print and complete the Ontario Automobile Insurance Examination Application Form and mail it to RIBO.

Even if you do not qualify for this exemption, you can still apply for a licence in Ontario by following the steps outlined above.

Transferable licenses across Canada

British Columbia

  • Level 1 General Insurance Salesperson
  • Level 2 Agent
  • Level 3 Agent


  • General Level 1 Agent
  • General Level 2 Agent


  • Level 1 Agent
  • Level 2 Agent
  • Level 3 Agent


  • Level 1 General Insurance Salesperson
  • Level 2 Agent
  • Level 3 Agent


  • Damage Insurance Agent or Broker
  • Commercial-lines Damage Insurance Agent or Broker
  • Personal-lines Damage Insurance Agent or Broker

New Brunswick

  • Agent’s Class 1
  • Agent’s Class 2
  • Broker’s Class 1
  • Broker’s Class 2
  • Broker’s Class 3
  • Broker’s Class 4

Nova Scotia

  • Level 1 General Insurance Agent
  • Level 2 General Insurance Agent
  • Level 3 General Insurance Agent

Prince Edward Island

  • General Insurance Agent


  • Property and Casualty Insurance Representative Level 1
  • Property and Casualty Insurance Representative Level 2
  • Property and Casualty Insurance Representative Level 3


  • General Insurance Agent

Northwest Territories

  • General Insurance Agent